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Latest Release

Hex Feet Under

When she left the love of her life to save the world, she thought he would be safe safe.

This was her destiny… sacrifice herself to stop the apocalypse. But when special agent Gwen Jones hears her ex is in danger, she has to find him.

Turning forty was supposed to be the end of my life. Not in an over-the-hill way. There was a prophecy, and I accepted my destiny.

But when the clock turns to midnight on the day of my fortieth birthday, and I’m still alive… what the actual frack, Universe?

And then, the stupid cherry on the dumb cake that is my midlife… my ex is in danger. And I know I can’t say no to the call to stop the apocalypse. I just hope Jake isn’t caught up in it.

Gwen used to be one-girl-in-all-the-world style of a Chosen One. But does turning forty mean her life is about to be over? Or is the prophecy wrong, and her life is just beginning…?

Available in Audio

Available in Audio