Book 2

A Fate Worse Than Hex

Surprise, surprise… it’s the day after my 40th birthday. Y’know, the one that was supposed to kill me? Dead by midlife? But I’m still alive.

And now, with the biggest apocalypse of my life behind me, I’m starting to wonder if this prophecy is really real. Not to mention, my ex is back in my life, and not in a cute way. In a way that makes me wonder if I made the right decision, all those years ago, putting him in my rearview.

My team is fractured and my head is spinning, and of all the things I did not need, I’ve gotten a mission from the Oracle.

The worst part is, who knows if I’ll survive this day.

Gwen used to be one-girl-in-all-the-world style of a Chosen One. But does turning forty mean her life is about to be over? Or is the prophecy wrong, and her life is just beginning…?

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